We provide design to mass production services for electronic systems. Our service scope covers system architecture planning, PCB component selection and circuit design, PCB layout design, FPGA/CPLD design, MCU firmware design, PC software and driver design, EMI analysis, mass production tool design, mass production execution and RMA analysis.

    Our typical clients are those who have marketing strength in specific business and do not put emphasis on electronic system design/production. The product to design is normally semi-professional or professional equipments instead of consumer electronics. The delivery is in form of PCB assembly or completed system. The complexity is typically 5 to 20 engineer man-year.

    We are specialized in making 1~100K mass production with smaller FPGA (or CPLD) possible. The requirements are typical in video computing and data acquisition systems. But we are not limited to systems with FPGA/CPLD. Here we list some of the technologies we have dealt with --
USB (HID, MSD, UVC), Ethernet, PCI/PCIe, PS2, I2C (SMBus), SPI, I2S/AC97, High speed UART, AES, ATA (EIDE) IF, SATA, SD card IF, CF card IF, NTSC/PAL video IF, SDI (A-D, HD, 3G), VGA/DVI IF, LCD panel IF, 3D LCD panel pixel rearranging, video scaling, video overlay and alpha blending, video rotation, 2D video DMA, LCD controller firmware (Genesis GM1601), CCD driver circuit, CMOS sensor interfacing, Auto exposure, EWB (Electronic White Board) dot identifying and interpolation engine, RF amplifier and envelop detection, RF filters and attenuators, high speed ADC, DDR3/2/1 SDRAM controller, ARM/MIPS/8051/PIC/AVR SOCs.

    If you have service requirements similar to what we described above, please feel free to contact us through techsales@cheetah-tech.com. We would be glad to help analyzing your system needs.

    Our office is in Taipei city, Taiwan.

Cheetah Hi-Tech, Inc.